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Can I place an order?

You can place an order for these pies:

  • Custard or Coconut Custard
  • GF Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut or banana
  • NSA Apple, Peach or Cherry
  • Keto Pie

All other pies are sold on a first come first served basis. If you have a hankering for a specific pie, come early for the best selection.

How are your pies different than any other pie?

First of all, they cannot be compared to a “grocery store” pie. We bake fresh everyday. We do not use additives or preservatives. We use only the finest ingredients. We make EVERYTHING from scratch, including our crust, our whipped cream and all our fruit fillings and our pastry cream.  We make our own gravies for our pot pies and we also roast our own meats. We import our chocolate from Belgium. Our Cherries from Michigan Our Peaches from Georgia. Our Apples from Washington. Our Wild Blueberries from Maine. Our Berries from Oregon. We ONLY use fresh whipped cream, we do not use faux whipped cream and we make it several times per day! We only use butter in our crumb topping and in our graham cracker crust…no imposters!

How fresh are your pies?

We bake EVERYDAY so they are as fresh as you can get them.  Sometimes they are still hot when you pick them up! With the exception of our Take and Bake Pot Pies and Quiches, those we freeze so they are ready to be baked at home at your convenience.

How do I care for my pies?

All pies with fresh whipped cream 
Eat within 48 hours, due to

All Fresh Fruit(Strawberry and Peach) Pastry Cream Pies
Consume within 36 hours; fruit will make
pastry cream runny after that.

Cheesecake with Berries
Eat within 36 hours to maintain fresh berries.

Fresh Peach 
Eat within 24 hours as
peaches turn brown quickly.

Banana Cream
Eat within 36 hours and
eat entirely after slicing.

French Silk and Peanut Butter Dream
It should be sliced in small
pieces since it is SO rich.

Turtle Cheesecake
Bring to room temp before slicing.

Pecan and Kentucky Derby
DO NOT refrigerate.

Brownie Pies
Bring to room temperature before slicing.

How long do your pies last?
Because we do not use additives or preservatives, our pies have a much shorter shelf life than others. Generally speaking, our cream pies have a 2-3 day shelf life and our shelf stable fruit pies have a 5-6 day shelf life.
Do I need to refrigerate my pies?
Anything with whipped cream must be refrigerated. Do not refrigerate Southern Pecan or Kentucky Derby.
Do you have any vegan pies?
Yes, just request our fruit pies baked with no egg wash.
Can you make a dairy free, gluten friendly pie?
Our GF crust contains butter, so it cannot be dairy free.
Do you use lard in your pie crust?
No, we use a soy based shortening.
What pies freeze well?

All our double crust fruit pies freeze well. Additionally, our Southern Pecan, Kentucky Derby, Almond Joy and Peanut Butter Bombs all freeze well. Our Key Lime, Arizona Orange, Cheesecakes and French Silk can all be frozen if you request it without fresh whipped cream.

Our Take and Bake Pot Pies and Quiches are sold frozen so those you can keep frozen till you are ready to eat them.

Why do you call it Gluten Friendly and not Gluten Free?

Gluten Free is made in a dedicated facility free of any gluten flour.  Our facility is not dedicated to Gluten free, but we do our best to control the contamination.

How many slices can you get out of a pie?

We slice in 6 slices.

What size are your pies?

They are 9-inch pies.

What pies have nuts in them?

Almond Joy, Southern Pecan, Kentucky Derby, German Chocolate.

Our mission is to help you create lasting memories
around your table with family and friends.